Job postings

We are occasionally asked if we can post interesting job or internship opportunities to the developers and techies in our networks. Sometimes we’ve posted these on the blog but we decided to set up a dedicated page for this to provide more space for these opportunities and separate it from the blog content.

We’ll see how this works and may set up a better or more permanent solution if it works. Here are the current job postings:

Current Available Jobs

Job Title: Software Programmer
Organization Grameen Foundation
Job Location: Nairobi Kenya
Details: Job Description

Previous Jobs Opportunities

JOB TITLE: Junior Developers
COMPANY NAME: Principle Systems
Details: Job Description

AIM Group is an all-encompassing digital media agency focusing on deploying cutting edge technology. They are currently looking for Art Director, Senior Developer, Head of Account Services and some people for junior positions.

SMOLE ( Sustainable Management of Land and Environment ) ‘s objective is to contribute to the reduction of absolute poverty in Zanzibar, through environmentally sound land management and social-economic development as per the Government’s Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty. They are currently looking for Regional IT Advisor
Deadline: 12th April 2013

ZOOP LIMITED is an innovative web and mobile software development company based in Tanzania. They are looking for a talented software developer.
Status: Closed

Development Gateway is a non-profit organization based out of Washington, DC in the USA. Development Gateway has worked with the Government of Tanzania since 2008, and also has an office in Nairobi. In the near future, Development Gateway will be assembling a team of people in Dar Es Salaam to work on geographic analysis of foreign aid projects. The team will be temporary, and the work is expected to last for 3-4 months. They are looking for Geo-Coding Research Assistants. [Application period CLOSED 27.2.2013]


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