There are a lot of competitions, challenges and calls for proposals related to ICT, entrepreneurship and innovation in Tanzania, but no one seems to have put this information in one place, so we decided to collect all the ones we know about into this page. If there’s anything missing, just comment below or email us and we’ll update the list.

Current Opportunities

We occasionally arrange sessions where people can brainstorm, form teams, work on their ideas and submit proposals together. Of course, you can also take initiative and invite people together at the innovation space!

Past opportunities

Google Cloud Developer Challenge by Google.
First round submission due: November 21st
Official Website:

A Grand Challenge for Web Development
Deadline of Application: November 8th
Official Website:

The mAgri Challenge by infoDev
Deadline July 31st, 2013
Official website:

The GrowthHub Innovation and Acceleration Programs
Deadlines July 15th (early-stage ideas) and August 19th (acceleration) 2013
Official website:

Masoko Challenge
Deadline June 29th, 2013
Official website:

Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention
Last deadline June 15th, 2013
Official website:

The African Story Challenge
Deadline June 14th, 2013
Official website:

Tanzania Chef’s Association (TCA) Logo Contest
Deadline June 12th, 2013

ABC Innovation
Deadline April 30th 2013
Official website:

Pivot East Mobile Startups Competition and Conference
Deadline April 15th 2013
Official website:

Anzisha Prize 2013
Deadline April 1st 2013
Official website:

Apps For African City Life by Ericsson
Deadline January 25th 2013
Official website:

Apps4Africa 2012
Deadline December 2012
Official website:

University Entrepreneur Challenge
Deadline for registration December 5th 2012
Information on our blog

Innovation Prize for Africa 2013
Deadline extended to November 30th 2012
Official website:

Vodacom AppStar Challenge 2012
Deadline for registrations October 26th 2012
Official website:

Tigo Reach for Change 2012
Deadline for applications October 17th 2012
Official website:

Startup World for Africa
Deadline August 31st
Official website:

Google Apps Developer Challenge 2012
Deadline August 24th 2012
Official website:

African News Innovation Challenge by AMI
Deadline July 10th, 2012
Official website:

Education for All by Nokia
Deadline May 31st, 2012
Official website:

Global Domestic Violence Prevention App Challenge
Deadline May 31st, 2012
Official website:

SIDA’s Innovations Against Poverty Grant and Guarantee Program
Deadline April 30th, 2012
Official website:

OIAS2 from Ideas to Innovation Challenge
Deadline April 27th, 2012
Official website:

m2Work global mobile microwork challenge by infoDev
Final deadline April 2nd 2012
Official website:

Pivot East regional mobile app developer competition by m:lab East Africa
Deadline for submissions March 31st
Official website:

Call for proposals of technical grants for app development by IDS
Deadline 13 February 2012
Official website:

Apps4Climate by infoDev
Deadline March 16th, 2012
Official website:

Rising Stars in Global Health by Grand Challenges Canada
Deadline March 23, 2012
Official website:


12 thoughts on “Competitions

    • Hi Arnold, not sure which organization you’re referring to, but check out the events-page. There’s quite a bit of different kinds of activities, training sessions, hackathons, etc. that can help programmers develop their skills and participate in real-world problem-solving exercises and challenges.

  1. Why you have not advatised to all as myself I have visited today and Ihave seen this,yo left many people with potential

  2. Hi Samson, we are doing our best to spread the word on these competitions using this blog, facebook, twitter, etc. We don’t have a big budget to buy newspaper advertisements for these, and most of these organisations advertise these competitions themselves. You can do your part by sharing this information with your friends and social networks. If you have concrete ideas on where else we could spread the word, please share them.

  3. Hollow COMPETITION/TAZICT it is my first time to come across this.The year 2012 is almost at our back what is ahead in 2013?

    • Hi Saulo, I think many of the challenges are yearly, so you can expect some of them to run also next year around the same time with a different theme maybe. We are of course following our networks and different newsfeeds for new opportunities as well, and will always post them here when we learn of new challenges and competitions!

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