Innovation Fund


Innovation Fund Committee is delighted to announce that 106 applications were received only after 2 weeks application period. Innovations are indeed sparking in Zanzibar!

The finalists will be invited to interviews by Thu 26th May and interviews will be held on Tue 31st May.

We would like to thank you for your efforts and wish you all the best with your businesses!




32 thoughts on “Innovation Fund

    • Hi John
      at the moment we are only working with people and teams who are linked with an incubation program, and most of those are in Dar es Salaam. If there are people elsewhere who are supported by incubation or business support program, they can apply.

      • Please Christina, can you help me to now more about the fund, or can the fund help the community to improve their environment, Planting trees and fruits?
        Thank you for your reply

        Venanve Mollel

      • Dear Venance,

        Kristiina is not working at TANZICT any more. You can apply for you social innovation, if there is also tangible measures how it will help the society or otherwise contribute business wise.

  1. someday you will need to detach from bureaucratic institutions of superstars(in media),who many times are obstacles to poor guys` entry who don’t have connections and skills to present themselves in those boring conditions,

    • Hi Thomson, as soon as we get confirmation that the funds have arrived we will open the call. Should be during May.

  2. Hi, I have a question concerning partnership. Can “Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI)” of Tumaini university be considered partner? Grateful for a quick reply

    • Hi Tina, our blog is not the fastest way to reach us unfortunately 🙂 but I hope you got the answer through other channels. Our contacts are available in the “Contacts” page.

      • Since you have started, can you show us any success for at least 4 successful IT companies that original start from your Fund and coached by mentors you have mentioned and now they have well known and established business?

    • Dear Bruno, You can certainly apply even if you don’t belong to incubation. But we have noticed that there is better possibilities to succeed if you have a mentor. We are also serving science and technology based ideas and in that regard most likely you need a supportive team behind you.

  3. hallow kristina
    apparently am not attached in any of the incubators mentioned above, I have my very good idea, can I apply for the fund?

    also my idea does not involve ICT issues, I can not mention it here. can I apply for the fund anyway?

    • Dear Yusuph, Kristiina is not working here any more. Certainly you can apply. However, it has been noted that there is always better prognosis to succed if you have mentor(s).

  4. I think it was better idea to allow any body to participate if he/she have an innovative idea instead of making restriction of who can participate and who not , and latter on he may be detached to those incubation center since not all are connected to one or other incubation center you have fore mentioned above

    • Dear Zephania, certainly you can apply, but we are not focusing on very early stage ideas: as said we mostly supporting cases that have already been working a while with their idea. We have also noticed that mostly persons are able to succeed if they are attached to some supporting organization.

    • Dear Martin, innovations are not build just by yourself. You always need support from more experienced mentors. You can mention if you have some seniors other that mentioned incubators, those are just examples. Asante sana!

      • Absolutely true, For more detailed: It’s true that most of the donors they are not ready to support the ideas, but they are interesting for the ideas which have been reached to the level of experimental proof of the concept, therefore you have to be in touch to some of the research centers to prove your idea. These principles are the most used
        • 1 – basic principles observed
        • 2 – technology concept formulated
        • 3 – experimental proof of concept
        • 4 – technology validated in lab
        • 5 – technology validated in a relevant environment (an industry relevant environment in the case of key enabling technologies)
        • 6 – technology demonstrated in a relevant environment (an industrially relevant environment in the case of key enabling technologies)
        • 7 – system prototype demonstration in an operational environment
        • 8 – system complete and qualified
        • 9 – actual system proven in an operational environment (competitive manufacturing in the case of key enabling technologies; or in space)
        If you could show that you are in stage 3- experimental proof concept, you highly to get the fund for your ideas.
        In this regard, you cannot work yourself even if it is a good idea, you have to identify some consortium, where it could be to be implemented?, they have to be involved from the very early stage, proving that there is a need of your concept to the society or industry, so you have to identify the industry or university. Furthermore, if you are buying some product, in the same way you have to include that company name to your consortium, means you have to discuss with them before you include them in your documents.
        Therefore, let us work in a team work, I can help you Brother with your idea to be more productive and professional.
        All the best.

  5. i think the conditions are obstacle by themselves…Why do people have to come from incubators? on my opinion, it would have been more nicer if u encourage people to be under mentorship after award(if they don’t belong to any incubators)…since i suppose you are aware of number of incubators as well as their conditions….please review that condition or change by specify those who don’t belong to any incubator we will incubate them after the award…!

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