We would love hear from you, your initiatives and your ideas. Please feel free to contact the most appropriate person for your question or idea directly.

Tanzanian project team

Arnold MasaroNational Project Coordinator
Arnold Masaro
cell +255 75 448 9944

Kezia KatamboiFinancial and Administration Manager
Kezia Katamboi
cell +255 784 506 103

Irene JosephProject Assistant
Irene Joseph
cell +255 68 488 3523


Finnish technical assistance team

Teemu_Seppala_151024Chief Technical Advisor
Teemu Seppälä
cell +255 75 93 25 908


Innovation Space (BuniHub) team

Jumanne MtambalikeInnovation Space Manager
Jumanne Mtambalike
cell +255 71 621 7621


Hosting organizations

Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH)
COSTECH (Sayansi-building)
Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road, Kijitonyama
P.O. Box 4302
Dar es Salaam

Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology (MCST)
Jamhuri Street, Plot No. 1168/19
P.O Box 2645
Dar es Salaam


19 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Ganjer, all our events are open to the public, so we don’t have a “membership” as we are not an association but a project. Everyone is welcome. Some events want you to sign up, in those cases please do, there are instructions always on how to do that if it is necessary.

    Read our blog, check out the “Events” page and join us whenever you see something interesting.

    If you want to use the Innovation Space, click that link at the top of the page and fill the form.

    Karibu sana!

  2. Hi Guys, I have not understand your in details about your project. is this an NGO? with intent to help poor people learn ICT?. If i look at your website looks like you still need more learning because the website is poorly designed.

    • Hi Filbert, thanks for the feedback. Have you checked the pdf on the About-page? That gives on overview of TANZICT. We are not an NGO, but a bilateral project between Finland and Tanzania. And yes, there are a lot of different things that we are involved in, and it’s not necessarily very clear if you just read the website.

  3. Hello Team, i have been in training of social entrepreneurship for the six months and came up with an idea of supporting youth from my specialization. I am running a safari company of which am turning into pure social enterprise..and by doing that i have to change the whole contents of the website and change the system of works.

    I was wondering if could get connected to the people that will help me design a website that fit the purpose. The forma website is now closed down as i have to make lots of change to details that makes me fit the social mission. Am in Dar es Salaam and would like to make it quick…Any help will be appreciated.

  4. Hi guys,
    I have a project I want to begin working on and would like to team up with some coders who have experience or knowledge on building Android apps. Could you please put me in contact with some people, Thanks

  5. Hi guys, I am delighted by this move to bring ICT closer to reality. It is clear that in Tanzania (in this case) there is still a gap between technology, production meeting consumer needs/desires. I know you have started as project, but please make a move to public this indicatively and widely in simple language, including in Kiswahili to open up for more more opportunities for the youth across the country. I have seen how the I-hub works in Kenya, it is a transformation technology initiative and I believe you are on the right track. I would like to learn more and discuss ways of scaling this work.



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