The Innovation Space, or BUNI as it’s called since June 2013, is a meeting space for the local ICT & developer community at Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH, Sayansi-building, Kijitonyama, Dar es Salaam).

So if you need a place to work on your projects ideas, apps or business ideas, you can come and work from the space. You are also most welcome to organize community events in the space but please agree with the TANZICT team to avoid overlapping or conflicting schedules – we’ll be happy to spread the word of your event as well.

You are welcome to use the space free of charge by registering below, if you:

  • have an interest in ICT, entrepreneurship and innovation,
  • you want to work on your ideas, projects and skills, and
  • you want to contribute to the local developer community.

And you agree with the rules of the innovation space:

  • Usage is only for registered members. Carry an official Tanzanian ID (eg. driver’s license) with you for membership verification if requested by reception or guards.
  • You are not allowed to let other unregistered people in. Only exception: your guests for a meeting during business hours, in this case register them at the reception to the guest book.
  • Opening hours for the space are weekdays 8am-10pm and weekends & public holidays 9am-6pm.
  • Registered users will be able to use the biometric lock i.e. fingerprint scanner at the entrance door to access the space. Brian or Jumanne who manage the Innovation Space will help to get your fingerprint registered to the entrance door.
  • During events the space may be closed for people not attending the event. In this case you may use the other side of the space with hot-desks if there’s room. We encourage event organizers to allow quiet use of the space if there’s room.
  • Commercial use of the space without agreement is not allowed.
  • Internet connection is meant for working on your studies, ideas and projects, and accessing information. Downloading torrents, copyrighted content or any other material prohibited by Tanzanian law is not allowed. Connectivity is courtesy of COSTECH, please contact Fikiri 0754 36 38 88 in case of problems.

->> Registration for new members  <<-

Services provided for events, trainings and other meetups:

  • Space has electricity and air-conditioning. In case of power outages, COSTECH has a backup generator.
  • Maximum seating capacity is 60 people. 40 people can be seated around tables.
  • Internet connectivity is provided by COSTECH via a wireless network called “Innovation Space”. It has proved reliable, but we cannot guarantee connectivity, so if your event relies on internet connection, please bring a 3G dongle etc. for backup.
  • If the event aligns with the TANZICT project objectives, we will be happy to advertise the event in our blog and social media channels. We don’t have resources for any other outreach activities.
  • There is no fixed projector or sound system in the space, but TANZICT or COSTECH may be able to provide them with prior agreement.
  • Organization of the event, including registrations, refreshments, facilitation and space arrangement are on your responsibility.
  • We will reserve the space for you on first-come, first-serve basis. Check calendar below for availability and contact Brian or Jumanne for reservation.

Innovation space reservation calendar:

For any questions, please contact Jumanne Mtambalike (jumanne@tanzict.or.tz / 071 621 7621) or Brian Paul (brian@tanzict.or.tz / 0789 607242).


48 thoughts on “Buni

  1. Fist i would like to congratulate all people who comes with this i deals. It is a conducive areas for working and share ideas with different people.

  2. its a realy good place for studying and critically thinking and sharing of ideas, let us just no miss use the freedom and the opportunity we have.

  3. I would love to take part in a project were i would be able to share my knowledge in computer not to write programmes although its a hobby but to help other people know about computer.. like and education programme.. during my free time .. does anyone have anything like that?? please let me know

  4. This will be a great thing to all the developer and other people especially student’s, i would love to use the space a share some idea from different innovator.

  5. i have beeen working on communitybased microfinance for more than ten years and working with different people incluyding local and international. Due to that i think if people will be interesting i will be able to volunteer to facilitate training for both level.And for those who will be interesting please let me now the progreme will be free.

  6. Its a conducive area where a person with determination on development say waooh!
    Thanks for the creative idea for it will take Tanzania to the next level. Not only on ICT but as a nuclear for other area development. This is a DIGITAL generation

  7. Helow there people! I an a new programmer(still studying c lang) and very intrested with electronics(control electronics). So is there any unit specificaly working on electronics?

  8. I would also like to join this effort, it fits 100% with my goals.
    Would love to help someone upgrade some computer skills, or Telecom , but want to be involved and learn together too.

    I’m a telecom engineer with sound computer skills, including programming in PHP and C++.
    Developed software for some messaging solutions (mails and sms-s).


  9. i never knew about COSTECH until when my friend GILSANT MLASEKO came to Dodoma and told me about it, then i found my buddy Given Edward was also a member,

    its good place for working especially when i have projects…
    Thanks to you Jukka for hospitality when we came for fingerprinting….

    One love Brother,
    we will be meeting so often

    • Hi Oscids, please tell more if there’s something you’re disappointed about or wish to see more, that’s the only way we know what is important to the space users and members! We tried the kitchen/coffee thing and it didn’t work out but otherwise this page should be up-to-date. Looking forward to hearing your feedback! 🙂

  10. This would probably be the good idea since am also studying Network Engineering.I would like to be a volunteer also since it will widening my scope of creativity in this new era

  11. I registered this year but my timetable is very limited that I cant access the space for some time now. Will my membership still exist or terminated because of being inactive member?

    • Hi Salim, the Innovation Space is located at Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH, Sayansi-building, Kijitonyama, Dar es Salaam). You’ll find instructions on how to join on this page.

  12. The “->> Register here for access to the Innovation Space <<-" link doesn't work, as in it takes you back to this page again. how do I register? or should I just call the numbers and ask for fingerprint access straight away? – Thanks.

  13. i am trying to register myself but still i find it difficult to get through with it is there any assistance on how i can get myself into this.

  14. i would like to attend the venue for joomla workshop but the problem is the day you put….i am at field am not so sure if they will allow me…please, please put it on weekend for students like us to attend

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