In April 2016, fifth round of Innovation Fund was organized by COSTECH and TANZICT. Altogether we received 132 applications and 6 start-up ideas were decided to be funded (name of the innovation, innovator, hosting institution, and amount granted):


Multi Crop Thresher by Elliot Avila, Twende, 5M TSH.

Multi Crop Thresher is a machine which is designed for common staple crops (maize, rice, sorghum and barley). MCT makes crop handling even 75 times faster than existing methods. Solution is especially created for 15 million smallholder Tanzanian farmers.


AVOMERU, avocado oil project by Yesse Oljange and team, Twende, 14M TSH.

At this moment the problems are overabundance of avocados, lack of machinery and market linkages. The innovation provides an efficient and affordable technology which allows smallholder farmers to press avocado into oil. Target is to provide high quality oil to premium international food and cosmetic markets.


Totohealth Tanzania: Improving Maternal, Newborn and Child Health by Tayeb Noorbhai and team, ANZA 360, Kilihub; 12,8M TSH.

Annually 40 000 newborn and 8 000 women die when giving birth. Purpose is to allow every health-facility easily procure Clean Delivery Kits to avoid stock-outs. The solution is a mobile application to manage stock and inventory in order that every women have the possibility of a clean and hygienic delivery.


Hadithi App by Joseph Mulagwanda, DTBi, 8M TSH.

Hadithi App is a mobile platform, which distributes stories and books in Kiswahili. Solution allows users securely buy, read and listen stories from their favorite authors conveniently from their mobile phones. On the other hand, application allows authors easily monitor their sales and it also allows anyone with passion and talent to become an author.


Tanzania Bio-Feed Company: Black Soldier Fly Larva as Potential Protein Source in Animal Feeds by Godwin Pancras and team, 14M TSH, UDSM.

TABICO provides new solution to scarcity and expensive feeds that currently are supplied on market through provision of an alternative source for protein and other ingredient by using black soldier fly larva as animal feeds.


JamiiFarm by Naeem Mawji and team, ANZA 360, Kilihub; 10M TSH.

Tha challenge with local agriculture is that 70% of produce is lost. The solution consists of three parts: greenhouse, internet of things and cool storage allowing premium quality vegetables enter the markets more efficiently and well managed way.


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