TANZICT and COSTECH looking for Innovation Space Manager Trainee

Are you going to be the Innovation Space Manager Trainee?

TANZICT and COSTECH are accepting applications for an Innovation Space Manager Trainee – Is it you?

Background: The Innovation Space opened in COSTECH October 31st, 2011. The space is operational, and there is a community of developers working there every day. The space has hosted various training and networking events, and international organisations are contacting TANZICT to leverage the space and the network.

The activities in and around the Innovation Space aim to:

  • Create a community of practitioners in ICT and innovation, ranging from university students and young graduates to senior government officials and industry leaders.
  • Build capacity and understanding within the community.
  • Expose the community to experience and models from other countries.
  • Experiment with different tools and models, including pre-incubation, open innovation and living lab methodology, as applicable.
  • Encourage peer learning and sharing of information and experiences.
  • Encourage the community to create their own trainings and events and take responsibility of the development of the community.

TANZICT jointly with COSTECH is looking for an Innovation Space Manager Trainee. The person will be hired by COSTECH and will work together with TANZICT, first as a trainee, with the goal of growing into the role of independent Innovation Space Manager.

The Manager Trainee will:

  • Manage the membership and attendance registers of the space.
  • Manage and run the events in the space.
  • Manage the communications on the events and the community through social media.
  • Create, jointly with TANZICT, an engagement strategy for the space and the community.
  • Collect and analyse information from the community to analyse the needs of the community, and give recommendations to TANZICT.
  • Track and measure customer satisfaction.
  • Collaborate where possible with other organisations running similar activities.
  • Participate in the creation of a long-term sustainability strategy for the space and the community.

Qualifications: The trainee manager is expected to possess or to be working towards a university degree or higher qualifications in sector related to ICT, Innovation, Business Management, Technology or other field applicable for this assignment.
Experience: Preferably experience from running events, training sessions, networking events and communications.
Language: Excellent command of English and Swahili, and excellent communication skills are required.
Other skills: Good ICT and Social Media skills are necessary.

Please apply for the position by sending an application letter, including your motivation for the job, any ideas you have for developing the Innovation Space activities, and your CV to info@tanzict.or.tz. All files must be in pdf-format. You may include links to your blogs or social media accounts or other relevant sites.

We will not answer any enquiries. Only electronic applications through the given email address are accepted. Deadline for applications is December 31st 2012. Selected applicants will be invited for an interview in January 2013.

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